Voice Peering Fabric

The Voice Peering Fabric is a distributed Ethernet network that functions as a meet-point for the exchange voice and telephony-related services between service providers and enterprises. The service provides an economical traffic exchange environment where participiants can directly connect to each other, avoiding the public Internet, public telephone networks and any unnecessary delays or relays.

Members of the VPF use the service to buy and sell voice origination and termination services, as well as ASP services while providing complete transparency. The service allows organizations to instantly identify all available networks and services at the most competitive rates. Members then get connected to these networks and services within minutes by using the "fabric" component of the VPF. In addition, organizations can access the VPF ENUM and SRV Registry, as a toll bypass system, to send and receive free telephone calls across the VPF with other users of the registries.

Features of the VPF

  • Protocol independent
  • Built in access to VPF ENUM & SRV Registry
  • Distributed Layer-2 Ethernet network
  • Guaranteed end-to-end Quality of Service

Services available through the VPF Marketplace

  • SIP/H.323 Origination and Termination Trunks
  • Operator Service, Directory Assistance & E911 Routing
  • Telco Database Services: 8XX, CNAM, LIDB, LNP

Service Availability

  • Boston
  • New York City
  • New Jersey
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles
  • London

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